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Pakistan’s attempt to show eyes to India, compare fighter planes bought from China with Rafale

Pakistan Airforce: Pakistan has bought an entire squadron of 25 multi-role J-10C fighter jets from China. Pakistan has bought these aircraft in response to India’s purchase of Rafale fighter jets. Pakistan’s Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed gave this information on Wednesday. Talking to reporters in Rawalpindi, Sheikh Rashid Ahmed said that an entire squadron of 25 J-10C aircraft will take part in the Pakistan Day celebrations on March 23 next year.

The J-10C is considered one of the best fighter aircraft of China. The J-10C is capable of flying in all types of weather. However, Pakistan already has a fleet of US-made F-16 class fighters. Since the supply of the planes, it has become clear that China will help Pakistan’s trusted ally in Asia in the field of armament and military supplies.

J-10C ship is the answer to India’s Rafale

Ahmed told the media that for the first time on Pakistan Day next year, foreign guests are coming. In his welcome, the Pakistani Air Force will fly past these J-10C ships. Ahmed further said that these ships received by the Pakistan Air Force are the answer to India’s Rafale ships.

During the Sino-Pakistan joint exercise last year, the Pakistani Air Force had seen these planes for the first time. During this, Pakistani defense experts had an opportunity to experience these aircraft closely. It is worth noting that since India bought Rafale aircraft from France, Pakistan was trying very fast to buy multirole all-weather jets for itself. It is noteworthy that India had bought a fleet of 36 aircraft with France five years ago for about Rs 59,000 crore.

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