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Pakistani security forces opened fire on Afghan refugees on Chaman border

Pakistan-Afghanistan Border: Pakistan, which claims to be a sympathizer of Afghan Pashtuns, on Sunday crossed the Afghanistan-Pakistan border (A).fghanistan Pakistan Border) But fired bullets. Actually, the army present at Chaman border crossing opened fire on Afghan civilians. People trying to reach their country hungry and thirsty for a long time broke the dam of patience on Sunday and they tried to cross the border forcefully. In view of this, the Pakistani army on the border opened fire on them.

The people who opened fire on the Pakistani army are citizens of Afghanistan. Their only fault is that these people want to return to their homeland, but the government of Imran Khan does not accept it. It is known that since the withdrawal of Taliban in Afghanistan, Pakistan has closed the Chaman border in the name of security. Therefore, there is no movement of vehicles or common people on this important commercial route. The result is that people who came to Pakistan a month ago are stuck here.

The Pakistan government tells the sympathies of the Taliban

On the other hand, the government of Pakistan describes itself as a sympathizer of the Taliban, but how their soldiers oppress the Pashtuns, these pictures are an example of this. Let us tell you that the Taliban is an organization of Pashtuns. That is, even here Pakistan is doing treachery in the name of friendship. It is known that about 50,000 small and medium traders have lost their jobs due to the closure of the Chaman border crossing on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border. According to reports, Jamaluddin Achakzai, former president of the Chaman Chamber of Commerce, said that due to the closure of the crossing, local traders are losing Rs 10 crore per day. Chaman is one of the two main border crossings between Pakistan and Afghanistan, with the other crossing at Torkham to the north.

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