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‘Pakistani PM Shehbaz Sharif is an international beggar’, PTI MP scoffs at

Of course, the political crisis in Pakistan is over, but the clash of political parties, especially Imran Khan’s party PTI and all other parties, is visible from Parliament to the road. One such case is becoming very viral. In this, an MP of Imran Khan’s party is calling the new Prime Minister of Pakistan Shahbaz Sharif as an international beggar. This video of him has been recorded in the National Assembly itself and now it is becoming very viral on social media.

MP himself recorded the video

According to the report, this video is from when Shahbaz Sharif was getting the trust vote in the Pakistani Parliament, at that time Imran Khan’s party MP Faheem Khan posted a video calling Shahbaz an international beggar. Shahbaz Sharif is also seen in this video. Karachi MP Faheem Khan has shot this video in front of Shahbaz Sharif. In the video, Faheem appears only for a while and after that he turns the camera towards Shahbaz Sharif. Faheem says that Shahbaz Sharif is an international beggar.

keep silent PM

Faheem Khan does not stop here, he shouts in the video that PTI is an honest party, while Shahbaz Sharif is the real international beggar. They call us beggars, we are selfish people. We are not beggars, but this man is a beggar. Shahbaz Sharif took over the chair of the new Prime Minister of Pakistan, hours after he shared this video on social media.

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