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‘Pakistan wants better relationship …’ Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan replied to PM Modi’s letter

In response to a letter written by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on the occasion of Pakistan’s National Day, the Pakistani PM has responded by writing a letter to him. According to sources, in this letter, Imran Khan thanked PM Modi for the letter written on his behalf and said that the people of Pakistan also want peace and cooperative relationship with all neighboring countries including India.

Imran said – Pakistan wants better relationship with India

Imran Khan wrote- We believe that the long-term peace and stability in South Asia depends on resolving all the issues between India and Pakistan, especially on the Jammu and Kashmir dispute. It is important to create an atmosphere of harmony for positive and productive interaction. He further said in this that he wants to wish the Indian public good luck in the fight against the Kovid-19 epidemic.

What did PM write to Imran KhanThe

Earlier, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday greeted Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan by sending a letter on the occasion of Pakistan’s National Day. In a congratulatory message sent to Imran Khan, Prime Minister Modi said that India wants friendly relations with Pakistan’s people and for this, terror-free environment is very important. Prime Minister Modi, in his letter, also mentioned the fight against the corona virus and wished Imran Khan and the people of Pakistan.

Significantly, two days before the letter was written on behalf of Prime Minister Modi, Modi had also congratulated Emraan Khan, who was found to be Kovid positive, and wished him a quick recovery. At a time when Prime Minister Modi’s letter to Imran Khan on the occasion of National Day was being considered very important, when India and Pakistan are taking steps to improve relations with each other from afresh.

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