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Pakistan: Shots fired on Imran Khan’s ex-wife Reham Khan’s car, said- cowards, thugs are new

Reham Khan Car Attacked: Some unidentified people opened fire on the car of Reham Khan, ex-wife of Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan. Reham Khan gave information about this attack by tweeting. Reham targeted the Pakistan government and asked, is this Imran Khan’s new Pakistan? At the same time, he called Pakistan a country of cowards, thugs and greedy people.

Reham Khan wrote in the tweet, ‘I was returning from my nephew’s wedding. On the way some people opened fire on my car and two motorbike riders tried to stop my car at gunpoint. I changed my car immediately. My security guard and driver were in the car. Is this Imran Khan’s Naya Pakistan? Welcome to the land of cowards, robbers and greedy people.

Reham further wrote, ‘I want to live and die like a normal Pakistani. Whether I am attacked or law and order is blown up. This so called government should be held responsible for this. I am even ready to take a bullet for my motherland.

British-Pakistani origin journalist and former TV anchor Reham Khan was married to Imran Khan in 2014. The marriage of both of them lasted only 10 months. Reham, 48, is known to be an outspoken critic of her ex-husband. This is not the first time Reham Khan has criticized Imran Khan. Even before this, she has surrounded Imran Khan on many issues. After the Pulwama attack in 2019, Reham Khan had said that Imran Khan is a puppet of Pakistan’s army, Imran came to power by compromising on ideology and liberal policy.

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