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Pakistan said in its first security policy – ​​Jammu and Kashmir’s unresolved dispute in Indo-Pak relations

Pakistan First Security Policy: Pakistan has expressed its desire to improve relations with India in its first national security policy. At the same time, Hindutva-based policies, arms hoarding competition and unilateral efforts to impose unilateral solutions to pending disputes have been described as major obstacles in this. Chapter 7 of the National Security Policy under the title ‘Foreign Policy in a Changing World’ deals with Pakistan’s relations with India, the Kashmir issue and bilateral relations with other countries. Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan unveiled this 110-page document, which states that Pakistan wants to improve its relations with India as part of the peace policy at home and abroad.

Pakistan’s first security policy focused on India

It has also been said in this document that a just and peaceful solution to the issue of Jammu and Kashmir will remain at the center of our bilateral relations. The rise of Hindutva based policies in India is a matter of serious concern and has an immediate impact on the security of Pakistan. India’s growing arsenal of weapons, its access to state-of-the-art technologies and exemption from nuclear disarmament, are a matter of concern for Pakistan. According to the document, India’s attempt to take unilateral policy action on pending issues is an attempt to impose unilateral solutions that could have negative implications for regional stability.

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Committed to improving relations with neighbors – Pakistan

Pakistan’s First Security Policy also states that despite its concerns, Pakistan believes in resolving all pending issues through dialogue, although India’s recent steps have come as a significant obstacle in this direction. are working. The document said that Pakistan is committed to normalizing relations with its neighbors on the basis of mutual respect, sovereign equality and concerted efforts to resolve the issue. It believes that shared economic opportunities are the foundation stone for the prosperity of Pakistan and the region.

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