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Pakistan: Forcibly converted 13-year-old Hindu girl and got married to Kidnapper

Pakistan often accuses India of perpetrating atrocities on minorities, but Pakistan forgets that those whose own houses are of glass do not throw stones at others. In fact, the reality is that atrocities on minorities in Pakistan have passed. The cases of atrocities on Hindus are increasing here. The latest case is of Tangwani taluka of Kashmore district of Sindh. Here a minor Hindu girl has been kidnapped and forced to convert and then she is also forced to marry the kidnapper.

Hindu girl abducted and converted

According to Pakistani media reports, the 13-year-old is a Hindu girl and she was allegedly abducted by a person from Bahlani tribe, after which Barelvi religious teacher Mian Mittu forcibly converted her and then crossed her limits and married her as an eunuch. Only got it done. It is important to note that the video of forcibly converting and getting married is now becoming very viral on social media.

According to the girl’s father, five people abducted her daughter

According to Sama TV, the girl was abducted by five people from her house on 8 March. At the same time, the girl’s father says that five armed men dragged his daughter from her house in a white car. At the same time, after the complaint of the family, an FIR has been registered in this case. Police is currently investigating the case.

To the girl Transferred from Kashmore to Ghotki was done

According to the report published in India Today, the teenager allegedly appeared in a court on Wednesday and claimed that she was over 18 years of age. After her statement, she was transferred from Kashmore to Ghotki as she alleged that she had married against the wishes of her parents. He has also sought protection from the court.

Police filed a case

Despite her claim, the police have registered a case under the Sindh Child Marriage Restraint Act, which provides for imprisonment of up to three years for marriage between an adult and a minor of up to three years. A medical test is likely to be ordered to determine his actual age.

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