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Pakistan: Due to PUBG, there was blood on the child’s head, the whole family including the mother was shot

Pakistan News: In today’s time, the rapid development of technology is creating a big problem in human development. On the one hand, while big inventions in the field of technology are taking human society forward, many of its shortcomings have also come to the fore. In today’s time, the faster the development of mobile phones, the faster the attachment of youth towards it has increased. With the advent of video games on mobile phones, the craze for it has increased even more rapidly among the youth.

At present, in the capital of Pakistan’s Punjab province, a child has killed his entire family due to the online game PUBG. It is being told that the 14-year-old boy was often busy playing PUBG in mobile. At the same time, because of this, his mother was always seen getting angry. Police say that the mother of the child, who spent most of his time playing PUBG, often used to scold him for concentrating on studies. Frustrated by this, he shot and killed his mother and siblings with a pistol.

Police has informed that 45-year-old health worker Nahid Mubarak was found dead along with his 22-year-old son Taimur and two daughters aged 17 and 11 years in Lahore’s Kehna area last week. At present, the police has got success in this case. According to the police, the only surviving 14-year-old child in the house is guilty of these murders.

Police say that Nahid was a divorcee and often scolded her child for not paying attention to studies and spending most of her time playing PUBG. Even on the day of the incident, Nahid scolded his child for playing PUBG. Due to which the troubled child took out a pistol from his mother’s cupboard and shot his mother and three brothers and sisters in his sleep.

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Police say that the child addicted to playing PUBG has accepted his crime for the time being. Apart from this, the blood-stained clothes of the suspect have been recovered by the police. According to the police, Nahid had taken the pistol to protect his family. There it became the cause of his death.

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