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Pakistan: Audio recording created a ruckus, Imran tried this before the no-confidence motion

Pakistan Leaked Audio Recording: A leaked audio recording of an alleged telephonic conversation between former President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari and real estate tycoon Malik Riaz Hussain ) has appeared. In this, Riyaz was heard saying that ousted Prime Minister Imran Khan wanted to approach Zardari for reconciliation talks ahead of the no-confidence motion in Parliament last month. A 32-second audio recording, purportedly believed to be the voices of Zardari and Riyaz, is going viral on social media.

This video recording has gone viral at a time when speculations are rife about the abrupt end of the Azadi March recently started by Imran Khan in Islamabad. It is being said in these that this march was withdrawn under a deal between Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and the Pakistan Army.

What is in the alleged conversation?
According to the Dawn newspaper report, in the alleged conversation, the date of which is not known, Riyaz can be heard telling Zardari that Khan is sending him a message. In the Dawn report, Riyaz’s purported voice told the former president, “Today, he (Imran Khan) has sent a lot of messages.” In response, Zardari says: “Now it is impossible.” Then Riyaz says “Okay. I just wanted to bring this to your notice.”

The report said PTI immediately dismissed the audio as “fake”, but members of Zardari’s Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) say it “looks real”.

The Express Tribune newspaper quoted PTI leader Shahbaz Gill as saying, “A business personality and anti-Imran Khan politician is in talks, credit is being given to Imran Khan. However, the conversation has nothing to do with reality.” “

Imran was out of power last month
Imran Khan, who was ousted from power last month via a no-confidence motion, lost the military’s support in 2021 after he refused to support the appointment of the ISI spy agency chief.

Imran Khan has been claiming that the no-confidence motion against him was the result of a “foreign conspiracy” hatched against him because of his independent foreign policy and money was sent from abroad to oust him from power. He has named America behind the conspiracy, a charge Washington has denied.

Imran Khan on Friday denied reports that he had struck a deal with the army to call off an ‘Azadi Rally’ demanding general elections. He said that to stop the bloodshed, it was decided to end the march.

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