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Pakistan Army helicopter crashes in PoK, 2 pilots killed

Pakistan Army Helicopter Crash: A Pakistani Army helicopter crashed in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, killing two pilots. The accident happened near the Siachen area. The army gave this information on Monday. The army said that both the pilots were killed in the accident. Search and rescue helicopters and army personnel have reached the spot. The reason behind the accident is not yet known.

The area where this helicopter crashed is one of the highest battlefields in the world. Troops from Pakistan and India have been stationed in this area since the 1980s. At the same time, in August this year, an incident of plane crash was reported, although no casualty was reported in it.

A plane crashed in August

On 6 August, the plane crashed near Attock in Punjab. When the fighter trainer aircraft of Pakistan Air Force was going for a routine training mission. Then an army spokesman had informed that both the pilots had succeeded in ejecting from the jet, due to which there was no damage.

4 Pakistani soldiers had died

At the same time, a similar incident happened in late December last year and four Pakistani soldiers were killed in a helicopter crash. The army had then informed that this helicopter was carrying the body of a soldier, who died due to an avalanche. The accident took place in the northern Minimarg area of ​​Astor district. The dead included the pilot, co-pilot and two soldiers.

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