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Pakistan Army Chief said- this is the time for India, Pakistan to forget the past and move forward

Pakistan Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa said on Thursday that it is time for India and Pakistan to “forget the past and move forward”. He said that peace between the two neighboring countries would help in “opening up” the possibilities of development in South and Central Asia. General Bajwa while addressing Islamabad security talks here said that the possibility of regional peace and development due to disputes has always been hostage due to unresolved issues.

“I believe this is the time to forget the past and move forward,” he said. Significantly, India said last month that it aspires for a normal neighborly relationship with Pakistan in an atmosphere free of terror, hatred and violence. Does. India had said that its responsibility is on Pakistan to create an atmosphere free from terrorism and hostility.

General Bajwa said, “Our neighbor will have to create a favorable environment, especially in Kashmir.” He said, “The most important issue is of Kashmir. It is important to understand that no peace initiative in the region can be successful without resolving the Kashmir dispute through peaceful means. ”Prime Minister Imran Khan made the same statement a day before General Bajwa’s statement. Was

Khan had said on Wednesday that India will get economic benefits if he keeps peace with his country. He said that this would help India to reach directly into resource-rich Central Asia through the Pakistani territory. He had said, “India has to take the first step. Till they do not do this, we cannot do much. ”

General Bajwa said that an atmosphere of peace between India and Pakistan is very important to “open up the potential of South and Central Asia” by ensuring connectivity between East and West Asia.

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