Oysters: despite the crisis, oyster farmers are getting ready for Christmas tables

Six weeks before Christmas Eve, there is excitement in the oyster farm of Dominique Favier, in La Tremblade (Charente-Maritime). Here, ten employees and seasonal workers work at a distance, but as many as in previous years, as if the coronavirus did not exist. Since September, already 70 tonnes of oysters have been sold around the world. The Charente-Maritime oyster is often the queen of end-of-year tables.

Dominique Favier is optimistic: the period represents more than a third of its turnover. “It’s difficult for our customers to give us forecasts because they don’t know how they are going to be confined and what will happen to them at Christmas, indicates the oyster farmer. I think there will be good hope, that the consumer will have fun and eat a few oysters“. Oysters at Christmas time: an economic stake for Charente-Maritime. As the holidays approach, oyster farming represents more than 6,000 jobs.

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