Oxygen generators are sold widely online, should you buy them?

Due to the high demand, many parties jumped into the home oxygen concentrator business. However, both domestic and international documents recommend that people do not arbitrarily use this type of machine without a doctor’s prescription.

The stressful situation of the Covid-19 epidemic has caused many buyers to stock up on oxygen generators at home. This leads to increased demand for products, many units jump into business. However, the recommendation of the Ministry of Health clearly states that people should not hoard oxygen generators because it can be harmful to health if used incorrectly. Foreign documents also confirm that oxygen generators should only be used under the direction of a doctor.

Oxygen generators sell a lot on the Internet, but people need to consider before buying. (Photo: Hai Dang)

When searching for oxygen concentrators online, there are quite a few websites of different companies promoting this type of device. The machines of all brands are said to originate from the US, Germany, Europe, China, etc. with a common capacity of 3 liters, 5 liters, 7 liters, 10 liters.

Similarly, on Facebook, there are many ads selling oxygen generators. Due to the increased demand, many units jumped into this business, including… dental centers or some technology retailers.

The machines are sold at prices depending on capacity, construction and brand. With a capacity of 3 liters of oxygen per minute, the price will be from 7-8 million VND. The most popular are the 5 liter and 7 liter capacity types, with prices ranging from over 10 million to 20 million dong. Machines with a capacity of 10 liters are rarer and more expensive.

In fact, many provinces and cities are implementing social distancing to prevent the epidemic, and transportation is difficult, so the selling price of products is much higher than before. The same model 2 months ago sold for 9.5 million VND, now sold at 12 million VND, the cheapest place is also more than 11 million.

To meet demand, some places have imported goods of unknown origin for sale. Most recently, on August 12, Ho Chi Minh City’s functional forces discovered a large quantity of smuggled goods. In which there are many goods are medical equipment used to treat Covid-19 such as oxygen generators, oxygen measuring instruments, oxygen bottles, electric disinfection spray guns, etc. with a value of about 1.5 billions dong. Those goods have been detained for investigation.

According to the Ministry of Health, there is a phenomenon of many consumers rushing to buy ventilators and oxygen generators to store and use at home, stemming from excessive anxiety.

An expert of the Ministry of Health warned that consumers arbitrarily buying oxygen generating devices for home use is unnecessary and can cause waste. When infected with Covid-19, patients need specialized treatment, which cannot be treated at home with medical oxygen and ventilators. The setting up and operation of the ventilator system should be done at medical facilities with adequate auxiliary equipment and professionally trained doctors to operate.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) also recommends that people do not arbitrarily use oxygen generators at home without a doctor’s prescription. Using a home oxygen generator does more harm than good. For example, a sick person may receive more or less oxygen than is needed. Breathing too much oxygen can lead to poisoning. In addition, relying on this device may cause delays in getting Covid-19 patients to hospital for treatment.

Despite this recommendation, many people still buy and store oxygen generators at home. In India, during the pandemic period that has lasted until now, there is still a situation where people flock to buy oxygen generators, resulting in buying poor quality products and being cheated.

According to India Today, there is also a situation of scamming buyers through messaging applications on social networks, so users need to be careful in transactions and money transfers. In case you are forced to buy a machine, this site recommends buying at reputable addresses with a license to trade in medical equipment. More specifically, it is necessary to choose products with reputable brands, because some oxygen generators without clear origin will produce oxygen content that is not as committed, beneficial and harmful.

Home oxygen generators work by drawing air from the surroundings, removing nitrogen, and providing a source of pure oxygen to the patient. This machine takes oxygen from the air, so it works 24/7, without having to change the oxygen tank like equipment in a hospital. However, improperly regulating the amount of oxygen entering the body can be harmful. Excess or lack of oxygen is not good for patients, especially patients with dangerous Covid-19 disease.

Thien Phuc

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