Overtime, TV license fee, takeover of RTT, fuel…: the measures voted by the Senate

Lively debates and progress. The Senate examined on the night of Monday to Tuesday the amending finance bill, the second part of the government’s “emergency” plan to improve the purchasing power of the French. If the elected representatives of the Luxembourg Palace rejected the idea of ​​an exceptional tax on superprofits, they voted for major elements of this text.

Proposal dear to the group Les Républicains, majority in the Senate, the sustainability of the increase from 5,000 to 7,500 euros of the tax exemption ceiling for overtime, a measure supported by the Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire and voted by the National Assembly. Against the advice of the government, the senators also validated the sustainability of the possibility for companies to buy back RTT days from employees.

Like the National Assembly, the senators also validated last night the abolition of the audiovisual license fee for all households. A tax amounting to 138 euros in mainland France and 88 euros for overseas this year, and which was paid by households with a television at home. In return, the text plans to allocate to public broadcasting “a fraction” of VAT, for an amount of around 3.7 billion euros. But the LR senators warned to wait for a “reform of the audiovisual sector, with a debate on the merits”.

Continuation and end of the discussions scheduled for Tuesday

The examination of the bill must continue and end this Tuesday, with a vote on the whole text this night. In committee, the senators adopted an “exceptional envelope of 40 million euros” for food banks. They replaced the exceptional back-to-school bonus of 100 euros, reserved for social minima, with an exceptional increase of 150 euros for beneficiaries of the activity bonus.

The Chamber of Territories will also be keen to push the cursor a little further on support measures for communities, which are also affected by inflation. General rapporteur Jean-François Husson (LR) said he wanted “a safety net”. On the other hand, the senators should, on fuels, validate the compromise found by the government and the National Assembly, with the discount of 30 centimes per liter in September and October.

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