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Outrage over the abrogation of the legal right to abortion in America, protests in many cities

America Abortion Rights Protest: The debate on this has intensified after the US Supreme Court abolished the legal status of Abortion Rights. Voices of protest are rising after overturning a nearly 50-year-old decision that legally approved abortion. Protests were held outside the US Supreme Court regarding the right to abortion. In many other states, hundreds of people including women protested on the streets.

Both supporters and opponents of the US Supreme Court’s decision took to the streets in Washington DC and other cities. From Downtown San Jose to Cesar Chavez Plaza Park in Los Angeles was turned into a massive march.

Voices of protest intensified on the issue of abortion

When the historic decision of the Supreme Court in America overturned its old decision of Roe v Wade, the voices of protest intensified. Pro abortion rights protesters marched through the streets of Washington for a second day in a row on June 25. Demonstrators are shown shouting slogans outside the Supreme Court building in Washington. People said that this decision should not remain intact. The protesters demanded legal abortion.

Protests after overturning Rowe Weade verdict

Protesters rally for abortion rights in Los Angeles, California on Saturday, June 25, a day after the US Supreme Court overturned its historic Roe v Wade decision. Women and men gathered in large numbers outside City Hall in Downtown Los Angeles. Protests were held nationwide, including in New York, Indiana and Washington DC.

Constitutional right of abortion ends in America

In fact, the US Supreme Court on Friday overturned its 5-decade-old decision of Roe v Wade. The Supreme Court said that the Constitution of the country does not give the right of abortion. After this decision of the Supreme Court, American states will again be allowed to completely ban abortion. Many states can make their own separate laws regarding this.

What was the verdict given in 1973?

The US Supreme Court had given a decision in the year 1973 regarding abortion in America. In the 1973 judgment, the Supreme Court had said that women have the right to decide whether to conceive or not. However, there is resentment among most Americans about the constitutional rights being taken away from abortion. President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris also expressed concern over the Supreme Court’s decision.

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