Our review of What have we all done to God?: Clavier and Lauby do the sketch

CRITICISM – The duo formed by the two actors has lost none of its comic slaughter to embody an old conservative France.

After the Tuches, here are the Verneuils, the other favorite family of the French. We summarize. Like the proles, the Catholic bourgeois of Chinon hit the jackpot in the first episode: four sons-in-law straight out of a Benetton pub. A black, an Arab, a Chinese and a Jew. In the second, the sons-in-law threaten to leave France and the Verneuils struggle to make them stay (well, especially their daughters) by painting a picture of an idyllic country.

At the start of this third and new episode, the Verneuils (well, especially Claude, the father) on the contrary do everything to avoid these invading sons-in-law (“they are everywhere” in the streets of Chinon). They are not at the end of their sentence. Their daughters have the generous idea of ​​organizing a surprise party for their forty years of marriage by inviting the parents of their spouses. As in the previous opuses, they are extras, with the exception of Ségolène. The depressed painter exhibits her series Slaughterhouse (animal carcasses)…

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