Our review of The Year of the Shark: Too Much Boredom

Marina Foïs, Jean-Pascal Zadi and Christine Gautier in year of the shark. The Jokers-Les Bookmakers

The Boukherma brothers trip over the fishing nets of a shark hunt. A boring regionalist comedy.

After the excellent Teddywhich revisited the myth of the werewolf in a hilarious way by putting it in Landes sauce and smelled good of social comedy steeped in horror film, we were impatiently awaiting The Year of the Shark, Boukherma brothers. Thirties from a village in Lot-et-Garonne, Ludovic and Zoran shook up the small world of genre cinema in 2016, with Willy 1er, before driving the point home with Teddythree years later.

No need to beat around the bush, The Year of the Shark is a big disappointment. Even if, this time, the duo benefited from a comfortable budget and a five-star cast, it does not manage to reconcile popular cinema and auteur cinema. The Year of the Shark is once again located on the Landes coast, not far from the Arcachon basin. Maja (Marina Foïs, impeccable after Freewheeling and As bestas) is a conscientious gendarmette on the verge of retirement. The day a vacationer mysteriously disappears, putting the coast on alert, she…

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