Our review of The Woman King: Viola Davis, proud amazon

Actress and producer Viola Davis plays General Nanisca in the film The Woman King. Ilze Kitshoff/Ilze Kitshoff

CRITICISM – The actress and producer, who plays General Nanisca, brings life to the little-known female regiments of the kingdom of Dahomey, the current Benin. An uninhibited peplum.

They fell into oblivion in Western history when they were as formidable as the legendary Amazons of Greek mythology and were still mobilized in the 19th century on African battlefields. With The Woman King Viola Davis brings the Agojie back to life, the warrior regiments that defended Dahomey, now Benin.

The African-American actress and producer portrays General Nanisca, who in the early 1820s trained a new generation of recruits and prepared them for battle against the Oyo, a rival kingdom to which the people of Dahomey and their king owe tribute. Beyond that, the strategist, who feels that old age is gaining her and that her military prowess is coming to an end, wishes to convince her sovereign Ghézo (John Boyega) to renounce the slave trade which enriches the regime and allows it to acquire weapons. to fire and European liquors, but enslaves its people.

The best of the young guard

Filled with bloody and spectacular machete fights, Tea…

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