Our review of the film Freaks out: one hell of a number

REVIEW – The Italian Gabriele Mainetti boldly revisits the circus film featuring strange creatures struggling with the Nazis. Illusion and poetry come into play to shake up the story.

What a circus! That’s the case to say. On the track, recapitulate strange creatures. There is a magnetic dwarf and masturbator, a werewolf always immersed in a book and an albino tamer of insects (one exception: bees). Our preference goes to the electric girl, who lights up light bulbs just by slipping them between her lips. This energy saving was not the main concern of the Romans in 1943. Italy was occupied. These distractions were welcome for the inhabitants.

In a long and marvelous sequence the numbers follow one another at the beginning of this film which has the accents of a Eugène Sue soap opera. A bearded Mr. Loyal leads his troop with enthusiasm, in the smell of sawdust and good humor. The explosion of a bomb deprives these fanatics of work. The boss is taken on board by the Nazis. He has the only fault of being a Jew. The 100,000 volt girl goes looking for him. More devoid of conscience, his three male acolytes take refuge under the flamboyant marquee…

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