Our review of Shadow of a Lie: Love Is Never Forgotten

CRITICAL – A man struck by a stroke learns to live again thanks to a woman in love. This film depicts their feelings with a welcome delicacy.

On his arm, a tattoo reproduces the map of Scotland. That is to say if he has this country in his skin. Why did Philippe land on this lost island? The man is not exactly the talkative type. His job is to help neighboring farmers. Digging in peat fields seems to be enough for him. With his good face and his big teddy bear physique, we would give him the Good Lord without confession. The weeks are punctuated by Sunday masses. The local pub is the meeting place. We laugh too loudly while drinking dark beer. It could have gone on like this, without fuss, if only a damn stroke hadn’t suddenly fallen on her. When he leaves the hospital, the brave guy doesn’t remember much. Apparently, this is not his first attack. Everything is new, but nothing surprises him. His comrades gently mock him, laughingly reminding him that he owes them money.

Inspired by a great idea, the beautiful brunette who runs the real estate agency offers to help her. To hear it, they had an affair. Oh good? He can’t come back. This girl throws it, driving her Volvo station wagon. We notice her, with her hat and her long black coat. Their solitudes rub like two flints. This produces silence and softness. What rest! This modesty. They see each other in secret, pacing this vast windswept beach. Up there, the sky is high and gray, hemmed with clouds. The hero does not believe his eyes. Happiness, why not? So he bathes in winter in an icy sea, cries out in the waves, comes out chilled on the wet sand. We recover from such emotions in front of a fire, whisper promises to each other.

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These two are walking through a minefield. Sometimes he consults the photos on his cell phone. On a shelf, his record collection serves as his comfort. Only rock LPs. His tattered memory allows him to start from scratch.

Quiet audacity

It is vaguely about a brother. We guess that between them the disputes were not the exception. A Dalmatian prowls around. Its former owners will want it back. In front of and behind the camera, Bouli Lanners paints with rare delicacy the waltz of feelings, the colors of friendship, showing that a bit of warmth is always welcome, whatever the price to be paid. It’s always taken, and too bad if it required some small arrangements with the truth. This fifth film bluffs with its quiet audacity, seduces with its sense of landscapes, touches with the sobriety of its sadness. Bouli Lanners grabs you by the arm, doesn’t let go, like a brother, whispers two or three secrets in your ear, like a character from Antoine Blondin who has learned to speak English. This effort is worthwhile: it authorizes a continued conversation with the laconic Michelle Fairley, who is a revelation. Love is unforgettable. AVC: these initials mean À Voir Carrément.


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