Our review of Sentinel South: Warrior’s Spite

CRITICISM – Three men shattered by the conflict in Afghanistan continue to suffer daily violence. A skillful film.

The soldier’s return to civilian life is a genre in itself. Taxi Driver, Journey to the End of Hell, Rambo, Born on July 4 Where american sniper portray the trauma of veterans returning from the front. Vietnam, Afghanistan or Iraq, same fight. An essentially American imagination that Mathieu Gérault transposes to France with great ambition and a certain skill for a first attempt.

Sentinel south imagine the return home of soldier Christian Lafayette (Niels Schneider) after a mission in Afghanistan in 1998. A clandestine operation decimated his unit. Somewhere in France, in an indeterminate but not very cheerful town, Lafayette, a child on public assistance, finds a dreary and lonely daily life. He pisses in bed. Works as a handler at the local supermarket.

His two brothers in arms, also survivors of the ambush, are hardly more valiant. Mounir (Sofian Khammes) drags his bitterness and a loose leg. Without his uniform, he becomes an Arab again…

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