Our review of Robert Eggers’ The Northman: Storm in the Land of the Vikings

REVIEW – With this scrupulous reconstruction of Nordic culture in the 10th century, American director Robert Eggers signs an ambitious and epic film.

Note the spelling. Amlet. The “h” is in the wrong place. Student Shakespeare is asked to remain seated. Robert Eggers has the right to situate the action among the Vikings in the tenth century. It moves. The young prince watches helplessly as his father is assassinated by his uncle. He was in the process of swallowing snowflakes when arrows fell on the royal chest. Big trauma. Françoise Dolto, no need to raise a finger. The kid will swear revenge. For this, he will have to go by boat on a raging sea, colonize distant territories, pass himself off as a slave before returning to his native land. You follow?

On the screen there is mud and blood, molten lava and sweat. Eggers does not give into minimalism. Welcome to mythology. The range is complete. Heads waltz. Hemoglobin spurts out. The characters have names full of consonants (fans of “Numbers and letters” will appreciate) and pronounce sentences…

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