Our review of Of Our Wounded Brothers: The Tragic Lovers of Algiers

CRITICAL – Hélier Cisterne’s second film, created with his partner, Katell Quillévéré, traces the true story of a couple caught up in the turmoil of the Algerian war.

They meet in the warmth of a Parisian dance hall in the heart of the 1950s. He is a communist worker born in Algiers. She is a single mother, a Polish immigrant who fled the rigors of the Soviet regime. Between Fernand (Vincent Lacoste, excellent, full of energetic maturity) and Hélène (Vicky Krieps, overwhelmingly charming and human), the chemistry is obvious. The couple settled in Algiers. Hélène has agreed to follow the man she loves to Algeria when the social and political climate is explosive.

Fernand takes his girlfriend to discover this magical port city bathed in light. On the heights, he simply declares to him: “Algiers is yours, I love you.” But Fernand soon considers that too many injustices strike the Algerians. Idealist, he wants to get involved. After the death of a deserter friend from the French army, he agrees to plant a bomb in a disused room of his factory, in order to protest against the French colonial regime. The charge won’t explode, but…

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