Our review of My Wife’s Story: A Captain’s Dishonor

CRITICISM – The Hungarian Ildiko Enyedi breathlessly adapts the novel by her compatriot Milan Füst. Léa Seydoux and Gijs Naber are the perfect couple who desire each other and then tear each other apart.

We bet? Jakob will marry the first woman to enter this café. Her boyfriend shrugs. His skepticism will not last: after a false alarm, Léa Seydoux pushes the door. The ship’s captain asks for her hand. She agrees. Such were the encounters in the Nordic countries during the 1920s. Lizzy is something. This Frenchwoman could come out of a Fitzgerald novel, with her Technicolor smile, her auburn hair, and the air of one who has seen others. Bank. The future does not scare him. You have to see her dancing the fox-trot – a whirlwind of sensuality. Jakob is left speechless. He is not at the end of his surprises.

Is it safe to go to sea for long periods in these conditions? There he is at home. He needs the ocean, the horizon, the stars. On the ground, his clumsiness is obvious. She serves him. What a clumsy! Always suspecting his wife of the worst infidelities. She should wonder why his men respect him, admire his courage and professionalism on board. Only he can save a burning building, tame the elements and the weather. In Paris and Hamburg, he is like Baudelaire’s albatross. The brasseries, the lounges are transformed into a padded hell. It’s a self-made hell.

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Who’s this guy whose tuxedo is the overalls? This idler pretends to be a writer. We don’t know where his money comes from. In addition, he has the head of Louis Garrel, which does not help his business. The sailor loses himself in senseless, though not without foundation, jealousy. The city is not made for this man nourished with chimeras. Of love, he no longer expects much. This does not prevent him from hiring a private detective. Lizzy’s indifference hurts her heart. What do those looks away mean, that bored pout? When they are in bed, she scans the hands of the clock. Are you surprised, after that, that he has stomach problems. Marital problems, they are not cured with a glass of milk.

Amazed restraint

To stay close to her, he accepts an office job. It’s fatal. He misses the sea, the spray, the solid camaraderie. Already he had ordered a cruise ship. This had nevertheless allowed him to meet a blonde passenger seen through a window. There are many mirrors, in My Wife’s Story . The characters taunt each other, watch each other, through interposed reflections. The story is told in seven chapters which are as many lessons. Here, romance is king. Hungarian Ildiko Enyedi (My XXand century) has a wild faith in the magic of cinema, adapts a book by his compatriot Milan Füst. You roll around in it like in a comforter, with greed and admiration. What a breath! This nostalgia. The ending literally jumps out at you. Beauty, remember?

Gijs Naber, who almost looks like Florian Zeller, has the amazed restraint required by the role. Though mute, her suffering is endless. Léa Seydoux won all the votes, with her cloche hat and her little straight coat with a fur collar. She’s a touchy woman, a pain in the ass, an enigma in silk stockings, a monument to duplicity. She deserves slaps and kisses. We forgive him everything, suddenly, even for having played in 007 and at Dumont. Because of her, we are all sea captains.


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