Our review of Murina: Mother’s Evil

REVIEW – A wild and luminous teenager frees herself from her father’s yoke in this first Croatian film. A success.

She swims. The sea is his refuge, his playground, his secret garden. On dry land, Julija is chomping at the bit. On this Adriatic island, the teenager lives between an irascible father and a resigned mother. The virile and brutal Ante fishes for moray eels, these quasi-mythological creatures which provide the film with its title. These long, nervous fish with fearsome jaws nest in deep holes. Watch out for their bites. Between the generations, the gap is widening. The girl dreams of going to Harvard. Ante sees another future for him. Nela said nothing, as usual. The arrival of a wealthy friend of the couple upsets the situation.

Javi, with his Italian smile, drags all hearts after him. Julija is not insensitive to his charm and we guess that he once had a weakness for Nela. The first sees it as a means of escaping one’s fate; he reminds the second of an opportunity that she may not have been able to seize. Ante, meanwhile, is trying to sell the businessman…

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