Our review of Michael Cimino, an American mirage: A tomb for Cimino

CRITICISM – Tarantino and Oliver Stone, among others, express their admiration for the director of Journey to the End of Hell in an evocative documentary by Jean-Baptiste Thoret.

The critic and historian Jean-Baptiste Thoret is one of the best French connoisseurs of American cinema. We owe him in particular a book of interviews with Peter Bogdanovich, an essay on Michael Mann or American Cinema of the 1970s. The decade of New Hollywood, that of the advent of Coppola, Scorsese, Friedkin, De Palma, Spielberg and Michael Cimino. Thoret places the latter very high in his personal pantheon, who died on July 2, 2016 at the age of 77. A figure both central and on the margins of a movement that is not one – these filmmakers are mavericks – with a reduced filmography: seven films between 1974 and 1996, from duck at The Sunchaser.

In April 2010, Thoret hit the road with Cimino, from Los Angeles to Colorado. “If you want to understand my films, the director had told him when they first met, you have to see the landscapes of my America, the places where I shot, you have to look at the immense skies of Montana…

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