Our review of Maigret: a monument of melancholy

CRITICISM – Gérard Depardieu finds his best role in Patrice Leconte’s film. That of a sleeping beast in the great jungle of life.

They were only missing that. The doctor tells him to quit smoking. Maigret was already in bad shape, but there, without his pipe, everyday life will no longer have the same color. The appetite is no longer there. He who ate like four. The commissioner is this ton of melancholy wrapped in a skin knit. In him, visibly, the machine is broken. It is full at night. His days seem like a chore to him. This murder of an unknown barely manages to shake him. Who was this 20-year-old girl who was found in an evening dress, stabbed with a knife? No identity papers.

A new corpse, more misfortune. In his gray coat, the inspector has digested all the insults. However, this investigation gives him a burst of energy. He will find the culprit. It will take the time it takes. He has so much ahead of him. Or more so, which amounts to the same thing.

A scent of sweet catastrophe

At home, Madame Maigret worries, with her false air of Suzanne Flon (the actress is called Anne Loiret). Her husband…

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