Our review of Madeleine Collins: the double I of Virginie Efira

In the role of a woman who is divided between two homes and two stories, Virginie Efira is a mystery of blondness. This second film is uneven, but very promising.

Margot? Judith? Madeleine? That depends on the day. With her, we get lost. She lies. It’s a full time job. We wonder how the heroine manages to exercise her profession as a translator. It is shared between two homes, two countries, two stories. There is Geneva and there is France. She has a daughter with Abdel and two boys with Melvil, who is a conductor. His families do not suspect a thing. What’s on her mind?

Above all, its two worlds must not collide. It requires endless contortions, agendas that don’t mix up the feet. She goes. It is a being of flight. She is perpetually late. With her musician, she dreams of buying a house. One of her sons sees her on the phone in the garden. Who is she telling “I love you”? It crosses borders, both literally and figuratively. This race against time cannot last. Here it is over hill and dale, between Germany, Poland and Spain. Nothing but salads. She…

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