Our review of La Ruse: de bonne guerre

REVIEW – Class, humor and disenchantment are at the rendezvous of this film based on real events in 1943. With a Colin Firth very comfortable maneuvering a stratagem intended to deceive the German forces.

For once, we understand that the distributors did not translate the original title word for word, Operation Mincemeat. It would have gone something like “Operation Meat Pie,” which would have conjured up a solidly greasy comedy. Cunning sounds better and has the merit of not lying about the goods. That, the secret was well kept. Sicily or Greece? It was not a question of choosing his future vacation destination, but of making the Germans believe, in 1943, that the Allied landings would take place around Athens and not near Agrigento. The English services are working on it. It takes tons of duplicity, extreme attention to the smallest details.

The plan is to drop the corpse of a bogus diplomat on a Spanish shore with custom-made documents. The drowned man, with his satchel handcuffed to his wrist, will be ideal prey for Nazi agents. What a job! The impassive Colin Firth is on the move, locked in his feelings. It’s necessary…

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