Our review of Incredible but true, by Quentin Dupieux: time is everything

CRITICAL – For his new comedy, Quentin Dupieux delivers a fast and cunning fable. Once again, he manages to play intelligently with the strangeness.

You don’t have to say it. In the basement there is a hatch. It hides a tunnel. If you take it, you suddenly find yourself outside twelve hours early and three days younger. It’s miraculous. The real estate agent told them this as a secret. They immediately bought this modern house that was too big for them, despite the carcass of a rusting car in the garden. Alain (Alain Chabat) and Marie (Léa Drucker) are very happy. At 50 and something, they are finally owners. The peculiarity of their pavilion burns their lips. Quiet. It will take a dinner with a couple of friends who also have something au gratin to announce to them for them to break the silence.

Madness will slowly gain ground in this residential suburb. Léa Drucker becomes obsessed with the surprise of the basement. All she thinks about is that, goes there all the time, dreams of turning into a bimbo. Alain Chabat remains impassive on the first floor. Their agendas are now parallel…

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