Our review of Bullet Train: Brad Pitt or the tough life

In a train that connects Tokyo to Kyoto, Brad Pitt (left) will not have a smooth trip. Sony Pictures

CRITICISM – In this film with spectacular choreographies, the actor manages to make you laugh like a killer who is a little brazen.

At 60, Tom Cruise, white teeth and shiny hair, still flies planes. Brad Pitt, he assumes his age. At 58, the Hollywood star travels by train. Like an ordinary passenger, a brave American tourist with tired features under his hat and behind his glasses. Or almost. When he boards the Shinkansen, the high-speed train that connects Tokyo to Kyoto, he is in full briefing on the phone with the “referent” of his new mission. Contract killers also go through existential crises. Ladybug (her code name), strong in therapy, now sees her job in a new light, without weapons or violence. That’s good, it’s just a matter of stealing a briefcase on board the train, carelessly left in the luggage space. But Ladybug has bad karma. Bad luck sticks to his skin. The journey will not be easy.

We have known since Burn After Readingthat Brad Pitt could make people laugh without losing an ounce of charisma. In the comedy of the brothers…

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