Our review of Almost: Alexandre Jollien and Bernard Campan said cap’!

CRITICISM – Friends in life for eighteen years, the Swiss philosopher and the ex-unknown sign a delicate comedy on disability.

It’s a movie you don’t expect. This feel good movie in the form of an initiatory journey, entitled Almost, allows the Swiss philosopher Alexandre Jollien to take his first steps in the cinema. Funny, moving, this dramatic comedy is a kind of UFO in the landscape of French cinema. By its audacity, its simplicity, its authenticity, this hearse road movie addresses disability with subtlety, humor and tenderness, all signed by a former member of the Inconnus, Bernard Campan.

It is above all the story of an unexpected friendship between Louis, a solitary and resigned undertaker (Campan as just as it is moving), who crashes with his hearse into a deliveryman of organic baskets on a tricycle named Igor, hit since birth with cerebral palsy. The character of Igor, a lively spirit in a handicapped body, circulates on the margins of society. Its lifeline is philosophy. This forty-year-old tries to apply somehow the precepts of…

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