Our review of According to the Police: The Blues Have the Blues

CRITICISM – Frédéric Videau follows five cops in Toulouse and its suburbs. Five characters confronted with a job so difficult that it leads to discomfort.

One morning, Ping-Pong burns his police card in a bathroom sink before disappearing without warning from the police station. Later, we will learn why this field cop inherited this nickname. We will also know that he refused to shake hands with the minister, who had visited the day before. “We are dying with our mouths open”, released the first duty to his hierarchy.

According to the police is a cop movie. It belongs to a French tradition (Police, L.627, The Little Lieutenant), brought up to date with vigor in recent months. “Baqueux” from Marseille (BAC north) to the gendarmes of Étretat (Albatross), the forces of order occupy the screens. We also think of Police, by Anne Fontaine, with Virginie Efira and Omar Sy, lovers and colleagues on a mission to get a Tajik migrant back on the plane and towards certain death.

According to the police, by Frédéric Videau, resembles him in the form, polyphonic, bursting the points of view. A choral film, it follows five characters during a…

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