Our review of Abuela: One possessed grandma can hide another

REVIEW – Paco Plaza, Spanish director of the saga Rec, has calmed down. He returns with a neat and meticulously constructed horror film.

An old lady is drinking tea behind the window of a Madrid café. Impeccable bun, houndstooth jacket, this aristocratic grandmother waits with some impatience. She rolls up her sleeve and looks at her watch. Her skinny, veiny wrist contrasts with the almost youthful enthusiasm and excitement she seems to feel. Suddenly, the watch stops.

Returning to her apartment, she discovers the lifeless body of another grandmother on the carpet in her living room. She smiles. A naked young woman emerges against the light from another room. Blonde, desirable, she approaches the dowager. Suddenly, the two women hug each other laughing and the title Abuela written in yellow letters, chic and old-fashioned… The next moment, the screen is invaded by the sweet notes of a Spanish variety song, Elegia to the garden of mi abuela (reminiscent of the tube How are you? from the film by Carlos Saura Cria Cuervos). The transition is brutal. From Madrid, we go to Paris. The granddaughter of this strange…

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