Our House of Gucci review: the heroes of the fabric

CRITICAL – Ridley Scott masterfully takes hold of the news item that shook the world of Italian fashion in the 1990s.

Luxury, calm and voluptuousness. You should not trust the decor. We are among the happy people of the world. Gucci: the name slams like a banner. In the 1970s, silver smelled like leather. He was distinguished by the famous red and green stripe. Bags, shoes, scarves, the patterns were backfiring. The business remained family-owned. We were between us. Maurizio was the heir to the clan. This only son was shy, uncertain, awkward with the ladies. This great staff had studied law. His father looked at him oddly. What were we going to do with him?

Things did not get better when the dadais met this petulant brunette in a party. He compares her to Elizabeth Taylor. He introduces himself. The name does not fall on deaf ears. Patricia has long teeth. She knows what she wants. She will have it. Getting married is a snap. Gucci father twists his nose. You have to see the disgusted face of Jeremy Irons discovering his future daughter-in-law. The

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