Our Doctor Strange 2 review: Sam Raimi spreads his web

VIDEO REVIEW AND INTERVIEW – The director of Spiderman plunges back into the cauldron of superheroes for a joyful and mind-blowing film.

Definitely, Sam Raimi is not done with superheroes. This veteran Hollywood director, who in 2002 succeeded in propelling Spider-Man and his trilogy into the firmament of the box office, is back in business. Dashing in his sixties, he plunges back into the very heart of the genre that made him famous: the superhero film. By taking on the character of Doctor Strange, the filmmaker ofevil Dead (1981) knows that it touches on esotericism, witchcraft, mysticism and… multiverses.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness: “Doctor Strange will evolve slowly but surely” – Watch on Figaro Live

For a screenwriter worth his salt, the concept of the “multiverse” is like a Pandora’s box. A piece of advice… never open it. Yet we humans have been playing sorcerer’s apprentice with something equivalent since the 1990s: it’s called the web. The younger generations know how to juggle simultaneously with screens and internet links that project them into the heart of a multitude…

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