Our criticism of Notre-Dame burns: Jean-Jacques Annaud plays with fire

CRITICISM – At the cinema next Wednesday, the director’s shock film recounting the fire in the cathedral awakens memories of the tragedy. And makes the firefighters the heroes.

Jean-Jacques Annaud and fire is a long story. In 1981, The fire warhis adaptation of the prehistoric novel by Rosny aîné, propels the director of Headbutt to the status of adventurous filmmaker, cramped in French cinema. The film still holds up today. And already proves that pyrotechnics interests him more than psychology. This is verified in Notre Dame is burning , story of this Monday, April 15, 2019, when the flames devoured the cathedral before the eyes of the whole world. The damage is considerable but no casualties are to be deplored and the building is still standing thanks to the bravery of the firefighters. Logically, they are the ones who have the leading role in the most spectacular sequences, at the heart of the framework on fire. Gargoyles spit lead. The belfry turns into a torch. The roof collapses in the nave. Hell in Imax seizes the spectator in his armchair.

Annaud called upon craftsmen builders and pyrotechnicians…

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