OSS 117 Red alert in black Africa: a startling first trailer for Bonisseur de la Bath

He’s back, more narcissistic than ever. While he is a prisoner of an African faction, filmed by his jailers and forced to repeat a text like all hostages worthy of the name, this dear Hubert Bonisseur de la Bath alias OSS 117 smiles with all his teeth.

In front of the camera which does not miss a beat, he wishes everyone a happy new year 1981 … before escaping in the most incredible way possible, by jumping in a helicopter that was passing by, and by throwing out his passenger by declaring : “I think it’s my taxi!” Here is an entry worthy of a Belmondo.

With these first images to howl with laughter, Nicolas Bedos plunges head first into schoolboy humor and Bondian parody.

We feel that Jean Dujardin is delighted with this tribute to Magnificent by Philippe de Broca. The way he plays the girls of the air has something to make spies, from James Bond to Jason Bourne to Ethan Hunt jealous.

Following the (magic) formula developed by Michel Hazanavicius in the first two films, Nicolas Bedos serves a first full-bodied, funny, effective trailer, with two fingers of pastiche, a dash of humor à la Zaz (Zucker- Abraham and Zucker, those of Is there a pilot on the plane or Top secret) and above all a few ice cubes which collide in the Martini Dry of 007, as the logo of the film suggests, which hardly stands out from the famous British saga.

Bedos, a Swiss watchmaker

To this, Bedos adds a layer of humor: that which allows the hero to address the public directly by breaking the “fourth wall”: “Ha! Were you there? If you like animals, curly women and helicopters, find us on February 3, 2021. “

And if ever one dares to find discriminating the expression “curly women”, the pilot of the apparatus then turns her pretty face and pronounces with an English accent pronounced a twisting: “See you soon! “ which immediately hits the mark … The tempo, the gag, the surprise of the timing, Bedos uses his wit like a Swiss watchmaker.

Because yes, since we know that Dujardin has returned to the role of the famous French spy created by Jean Bruce, for a third film set in 1981 at the dawn of the Mitterrand years, we imagine that the problems are likely to be numerous .

Hotter than ever

The synopsis reads as follows: “nineteen eighty one. Hubert Bonisseur de la Bath, aka OSS 117, is back. For this new mission, more delicate, more perilous and more torrid than ever, he is forced to team up with a young colleague, the promising OSS 1001. “

Nicolas Bedos (The good times) does not say anything else when it specifies that OSS 117 wants to become the “savior of Françafrique, that he went to save a regime, to help a president gain the upper hand over the rebels, that this is a bad fight, and that he is going to lose it. ”

Africa, the end of colonialism, shenanigans, racism, politics … The pitfalls will not be missing, indeed. We can’t wait to see how our franchouillard James Bond will survive this funny gymkhana. To find out, see you on February 3, 2021. And too bad if you don’t like helicopters …


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