Origin of the world: non-controlled appellation

CRITICAL – Adapted from a play by Sébastien Thiéry, Laurent Lafitte’s first film sinks into obscenity. A sad comedy.

From beating his heart stopped. To paraphrase Jacques Audiard, the first film directed by Laurent Lafitte, The origin of the world, begins when his character no longer feels his pulse. Is he still alive? His veterinarian friend (Vincent Macaigne) is categorical: Jean-Louis is dead. His wife (Karin Viard) does not understand anything, but brings him into the office of Nicole Garcia, holistic coach half-witch, half-new age guru.

Taken from a 2013 play, the presupposition initially seems comical, even poetic. It recalls the beautiful surrealist hours of Wall pass by Marcel Aymé. Is a man without a heart still a man? Sébastien Thiéry’s short play goes further: the main character, a Parisian forty-something, well-established bourgeois, consults an African marabout. The latter asks him to come back with a photograph of his mother’s penis to heal him. This is “the origin of the world”, not Courbet’s canvas but this primal place from which human beings emerge …

In the theater, evolving

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