Operating high-tech electronics assembly plant in the Central region

The factory has a factory scale of 1,000 square meters with a total initial investment of more than 7 million USD and with the support of experts from Silicon Valley, USA …

On October 17, the first high-tech information technology project for the research, manufacture and assembly of high-tech electronics STM (Surface Mount Technology) was put into operation in Da Nang.

Chairman of Da Nang City People’s Committee Huynh Duc Tho, the first high-tech information technology (IT) project on STM’s research, manufacture and assembly of high-tech electronics is the first real proof to domestic and foreign investment research and official investment in Vietnam after a long time appreciated the development potential of the city.

Da Nang President Huynh Duc Tho

“This is considered the first SMT production line in the Central region.

Surface Mount Technology (SMT) is the electronics industry with circuit board technology, also known as surface gluing – is the primary technology used to assemble boards in the manufacture of electronic devices. The use of SMT technology brings highly automated production, improving operational productivity as well as creating active flexibility in the process of changing electronic product details.

Specifically, when using SMT technology, Trungnam EMS put into operation 3 production lines with a capacity of up to 6,200,000 products in a year.

The factory is invested by a domestic enterprise that is a businessman in Da Nang, the source of skilled workers who own production technology is also trained at universities in the city and has transfer consultation. technology, management and operation by leading CNC experts from Silicon Valley, USA “- Mr. Tho said.

Operating high-tech electronics assembly factory in the Central region
Operating high-tech electronics assembly plant

According to Peter Huynh, CEO of Trungnam EMS, it is estimated that an engineer who can operate one stage of the SMT line requires 180 days of training, reaching a minimum of 5 operating certificates. The total number of certificates needed to achieve is nearly 50 certificates for the entire team of engineers to operate this line. The investment cost is more than 45,000 USD (more than 1 billion VND) per employee.

This first CNC SMT project will be replicated, developing more production lines next with the expectation of joining the CNC manufacturing goods supply chain. This is an area that the city is determined to pursue, attract investment, support production to change the structure of industrial production in the city in the coming years …

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