Open technology: Vietnam’s technology development path promotes digital transformation

With the orientation of choosing open technology development, choosing open source software development, Vietnam will develop into a technology country, based on and inheriting human knowledge, but also contribute to human knowledge.

Editor’s words: At the Opening Ceremony of the XIII Party Congress, General Secretary and President Nguyen Phu Trong presented the Report of the XII Party Central Committee on documents submitted to the XIII Congress, which emphasized the objective : Improve the Party’s leadership, ruling and fighting capacity; building a clean, strong, comprehensive Party and political system; consolidating the people’s confidence in the Party, the State and the socialist regime; arousing aspirations for developing a prosperous and happy country, promoting the will and strength of great national solidarity combined with the power of the times; promote comprehensively and synchronously the renovation, industrialization and modernization; building and firmly protecting the Fatherland, maintaining a peaceful and stable environment; striving for the middle of the twenty-first century, our country will become a developed country, following the socialist orientation.
The specific objectives in the coming decades are: By 2025: To be a developing country with modern industry, surpassing low middle income. By 2030, it will be a developing country with modern industry and high middle income. By 2045, it will become a developed country with high income.
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The above content is in the speech of Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Manh Hung at the Vietnam Open Technology Forum (Vietnam Open Summit) The first time took place on November 18, 2020. VietNamNet would like to introduce the full text of this speech, the title of the article placed by the editorial.

Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Manh Hung speaking at the Vietnam Open Summit 2020

Information technology, digital technology has been and will penetrate every corner of the social life, and will become our breathing atmosphere. And so it has to be as cheap as air. And the way to achieve that is open technology. Open technology is not only open source, but also open architecture and open standards. And with open technology is open culture. We all contribute to technology development, share the use of technology together. And so the technology price will be cheaper.

Information technology and digital technology have become the foundation of the socio-economy. The greatest movement in human history is the movement from the real world to the virtual world. But all countries worry about cybersecurity. Trust will become a decisive factor for the success of this move. Countries can only have this belief when the technology they use is open technology. Open technology is for countries to master the technology they use. No longer like before, we buy a Black box from another country and leave our country’s fate to another. Currently, many countries have stated that they only buy technology when technology is open, especially when those technologies are used to build national infrastructure. Vietnam develops 5G technology based on Open RAN open standard. Vietnam 5G network will also use open standards.

The greatest creation is the creation of the entire people. And also this creativity can solve the problems, problems of individuals, small organizations and each country. No company, a multinational corporation, no matter how large it is, can solve every problem, meet all changing needs. No one can understand our problems and problems better than ourselves, and so we will be the best people to solve our problems. Universal innovation can only happen when technology is open. Open technology unleashes the creative capacity of each individual. Each person stands on the shoulders of others to develop, and thereby create a higher ground for others. During the Covid-19 epidemic, many Vietnamese digital applications, including Bluezone, CoMeet … were opened source or developed very quickly on the open source platform, meeting very Vietnamese needs, contributing to anti-epidemic and bring life to a new normal state.

Data is oil. In the future, most values ​​will be generated from data. The more data, especially the more different types of data, the greater the chance of creating new value. The person who has the data and the person who creates new value from it is in many cases not the same. Therefore, opening data and open data is decisive in creating new value for the people, for the country. The Ministry of Information and Communications has launched the National Portal to open data and currently has more than 10,000 data sets.

Open technology based equipment manufacturing research will allow technology businesses to collaborate, combine each other’s strengths to go faster, more intensive for more technology excellence. Vietnam is the 5th country in the world to own 5G equipment, although our starting point is low, very few people, both at home and abroad, believe that Vietnam can. The two major technology enterprises of the country, Viettel and Vin Group, after a period of independent development of 5G technology, under the direction of the Ministry of Information and Communications agreed to cooperate in developing 5G under the Open RAN open standard. VinGroup focuses on making radio – hardware, Viettel focuses on signal processing – software, and integrating into commercial products. This cooperation has accelerated the mastery of equipment, as well as combining each other’s technological strengths to obtain internationally competitive 5G equipment. In addition, this combination also combined the two groups’ market to create a larger market. In the research and manufacture of hi-tech equipment, the market plays a role no less than technology.

With a latecomer country like Vietnam, if we want to go first, we must stand on the shoulders of others. The choice of open technology development, the choice of open source software development, the choice of opening data for individuals and businesses to participate in value creation is our orientation. With this orientation, Vietnam will develop into a technology country, based on and inheriting human knowledge, but also contribute to human knowledge.

The first Vietnam Open Summit is Vietnam’s commitment to develop and master digital technologies based on open standards. Not only our commitment, but also our strategy: Open to develop and master Vietnamese technology, to Make in Vietnam.

Not only our strategy, but also our plan of action. Each agency, business please get yourself a job and commit to act. State agencies should act to formulate policies and strategies. Businesses take action to develop platforms. Training institutions take action to nurture and grow open communities. Vietnam Open Summit please release a Statement of Action for next year.

Wishing all of us a lot of health, lots of energy, strong belief in the ability to master technology to solve Vietnam’s problems, help the country develop, and from here to go global, contribute to development of mankind.


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