Online shop selling a few hundred applications on New Year’s Day, shipper makes millions of money every day

Shipping money per order increased by one and a half, even 2-3 times, if the hard-working shipper made millions of money every day during the Tet holiday when the demand for online shopping increased sharply.

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The high cost of delivery during the New Year makes many people sell online

Need to find a delivery person to timely deliver to the customer, Ms. A. Van laments because the ship (delivery) cost is too high. “The ship cost is too high! bill 900,000 dong, ship cost 133,000 dong without knowing how ”, Ms. Van lamented.

In the same situation, Ms. Yen, an online food seller, also said that the ship fee in Hanoi on February 10 (ie on the 28th of the lunar calendar) was terribly high. To receive goods before Tet, customers will lose 150,000 VND for 1 order under 6km. Even so, it’s still difficult to call a shipper these days.

This is the general situation of online sellers (selling online) in recent days. Shipper is rare, while customer demand also increases and needs to receive goods on time. This causes the cost of delivery to increase due to insufficient delivery.

Close to the Lunar New Year is the busiest sales time of the year when people’s shopping needs increase. Especially at this time, when the Covid -19 translation is booming again, many people who want to keep it safe should switch shopping from shopping malls, crowded shops to online stores. Therefore, the demand for delivery is increasing strongly.

Sharing with ICTNews, AhaMove representative said that, in the month of the Lunar New Year (January calendar), the volume of goods delivery and delivery increased, especially sharply in the 2 weeks following Tet.

From the beginning of last year up to now, the epidemics and social gaps have led to a sharp increase in digital transformation, especially in the e-commerce segment, followed by the growth in delivery. From last December to January 2021, the market grew nearly 100% over the same period. In which, the HCMC area has a stronger growth compared to Hanoi.

This situation was similarly recorded in couriers such as VietnamPost and ViettelPost. Representative of Viettel Post said that the peak time of delivery of postal products starts from the 12th lunar month to the Lunar New Year. The demand for online shopping this year has also increased due to the Covid-19 translation. The amount of orders this time increased 2 times, even 3 times compared with normal days of the year.

On associations, groups, many online shop owners constantly post notices to find a delivery person and are willing to pay 2 to 3 times higher shipping costs compared to normal days when there are hundreds of orders to deliver. However, shipper is not easy to find these days.

Shipper makes millions of money every day

Shipper is a “hot” job during holidays and Tet (Artwork: Phunuonline)

Shipper has become a familiar profession in recent years. With the characteristics of the job, the shipper can work flexibly without time, place constraints and can receive money immediately. Therefore, this work has attracted many participants. Many shippers are students who take advantage of outside of school time to make money to live.

When Tet comes, most people also go home to celebrate Tet, so the amount of shipper has decreased while the demand for shopping and delivery is still high. “Orders are increased so many drivers are not enough,” said a representative of a delivery application.

Meanwhile, some delivery companies can still be proactive in the number of people serving the needs of transporting goods during the Tet holidays. ViettelPost said that, according to the plan, during the Lunar New Year holidays, customers can come for normal transactions from 9:00 to 16:00 daily at 100% of post offices, Viettel Post stores nationwide. Delivery time will be restarted as normal from 24/2/2021.

This unit said it will arrange staff to work in shifts to ensure customer service. In addition, the online customer care department through the switchboard, the App / Web system provides on-time service during Tet to support customers with timely information.

Many applications also increase the delivery service price or add an extra fee to encourage drivers to run the service during Tet. The price increased by a half, even 2-3 times compared to normal days. The closer to Tet, the higher the delivery price because it is also harder to find shipper. It is this high level of income that also attracts a lot of shippers who still stay to make more money when there are only 1 or 2 days left to the new year.

H. Hoang – a freelance shipper said he is ready to run until 30 Tet. Only for shipping, orders range from 70 – 100,000 VND depending on the distance, even up to 150,000 VND.

Many online shop owners also said that this is the general price and running in the inner city almost no single application collected below 50,000 VND. That is not to mention the shipper also “picky” both the distance, the area and the type of delivery.

Tet is considered the “season of making rice” for shippers. If you work hard, a shipper can earn 1 – 1.5 million VND per day. Earnings a week near Tet can be equal to 2-3 weeks or even months.

However, the majority of shipper also said that the delivery of holidays and New Year is more pressure and harder. Number of customers ordering 3-4 times more than normal days. Psychology of everyone looking forward to receiving goods early, on time, shipper has to work hard. That’s not to mention long and cumbersome orders; traveling around Tet is also difficult and difficult; not to mention rain, cold, and disease.

Talking about the work pressure when Tet comes, Mr. Nguyen Van Trung, an employee of Viettel Post, said: “In the last days of the year, orders increase a lot compared to normal days, we have to work at full capacity. , rotate overtime to both ensure goods connection for customers and ensure health. The epidemic is complicated, we must pay attention to prevent ourselves and customers from being infected, and pay attention to traffic safety, ”Trung said.

Duy Vu

Digital economy will account for more than 25% of the GRDP of Vinh Phuc province by 2025

Digital economy will account for more than 25% of the GRDP of Vinh Phuc province by 2025

In the coming time, Vinh Phuc will strongly promote digital transformation on all three pillars of digital government, digital economy, and digital society. In which, one of the specific targets to 2025 is the digital economy accounting for over 25% of the province’s GRDP.


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