Online sales: the purchase of wine has risen sharply since containment

To bring good wines to his living room, Fabien Ducos-Ader, Bordeaux wine lover, has changed his habits: he buys his bottles on the Internet. In a box is an assortment chosen online, 48 hours ago. This used to ordering online was taken at the time of containment, when travel was limited. “I find it quite practical, it is quite quick to order and then there is a certain quality of wine. I was not disappointed once wines ordered on Internet“, explains Fabien Ducos-Ader in the edition of the 13 Hours of France 2, Sunday October 18.

Since the health crisis, online wine sales have been breaking records. “12“, a site in the Bordeaux region (Garonne), tripled its turnover in 2020. The small team has grown from around ten prepared boxes every day, to several hundred today. “Everything must be ready by 3 p.m., it leaves at 3 p.m., it will be delivered tomorrow to our customers“, explains Nicolas Caperyron, the manager. The deconfinement did not slow down the pace of orders. “It didn’t stop. We had the confinement period, people were at home, it’s natural, they ordered a lot over the Internet. They realized that ordering wine on the Internet was easy, simple and that they received the wines very quickly.“, testifies the manager.

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