Online lucky money, hunt for opportunities to receive gold from VNPT’s Mobile Money

From only 10,000 VND for a single transaction, customers using VNPT Mobile Money to transfer lucky money this New Year will have the opportunity to bring home Gold with a prize structure of up to 10 9999 gold trees and thousands of lucky money. is different.

Give lucky money, receive spring fortune

From January 21 to February 25, 2022, VNPT launches the promotion program “Golden lucky money – Busy Tet” on the occasion of welcoming the Lunar New Year. Accordingly, customers can easily transfer lucky money to friends and relatives anywhere, anytime, without the need for a smartphone, while still ensuring safety against the epidemic and full of joy.

Specifically, all individual customers with VNPT’s Mobile Money account, when making the first money transfer to another individual with a minimum value of 10,000 VND, will receive 1 Bonus Code (MDT) to participate in the lottery. golden winning numbers.

During the 5 weeks of the program, there will be 10 lucky customers each week who will receive the Weekly Prize, each prize is 1 gold thread 9999. After February 25, 2022, the program will draw prizes to summarize and find 5 Lucky customers win a special prize, each prize is worth 1 9999 gold tree.

In particular, with each transfer of money/lucky money from Mobile Money, the sender will also be randomly given by VNPT “spring luck” as New Year’s greetings or lucky money with the highest denomination up to 6,800. 000 VND (6 million 8 hundred thousand VND).

To participate in the program, customers just need to press the call key to *9191# and remember the recipient’s phone number to be able to get lucky money right away.

New, lucky, auspicious wind for the story of the beginning of the year

The program “Golden lucky money – Busy Tet” is the gratitude that VNPT sends to customers who have accompanied during the past time. After the fluctuations of the Covid-19 pandemic, affecting all aspects of economic and social life. “Golden red packet” hopes to bring new winds in the story of the beginning of the year, send lucky spring gifts, dispel the sadness of the old year and start the new year 2022 with smooth sailing and fortune with everybody.

Online lucky money, hunt for opportunities to receive gold from VNPT's Mobile Money

True to the Vietnamese spirit of “giving is getting back”, with “Golden lucky money – Tet is wide”, not only the lucky recipient but also the giver will also have “fortune” at the beginning of the year, the more they receive. more fortune, the new year will be more prosperous, as you wish.

In the New Year of the Tiger in 2022, the “golden red envelopes” from VNPT Mobile Money will help send love, pull from far to near while still ensuring safety, 5K, complete joy for everyone.

For detailed information about the program, customers can contact 18001091 for support or visit the website:

Mobile Money of VNPT is a cashless payment service for all VinaPhone subscribers, suitable for paying bills and small value transactions. The service has officially been deployed across the country since November 2021 and quickly gained the support of a large number of customers because of its safety, convenience, and ease of use without a bank account. pay anytime, anywhere without 3G/4G internet and can be operated on both popular phones and smartphones.

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