Online entertainment and user experience problem

In today’s technology era, the emergence of a variety of OTT services and on-demand video streaming has given audiences the freedom to choose what to watch, when, where and on whatever device they want.

As more and more people stay home during the pandemic, streaming movies and TV shows is more popular than ever.

According to Research and Markets data, the sector is growing at a rate of more than 20% a year and is expected to reach a value of $220 billion by 2027. Streaming package subscriptions have grown by 50% from 2019 to 2019. 2020, and the average American will spend more time on online media than on traditional channels (on average).

Although the dizzying growth rate of OTT since the first time of the gap has gradually decreased, the change in consumer behavior is still there. OTT video service providers are under pressure to match the quality and reliability of broadcast television.

Besides, this strong growth in entertainment demand also makes the video streaming industry one of the most attacked in terms of content piracy, said Shane Keats – Marketing Manager, media and entertainment at Akamai Technologies – said.

In fact, the number of attacks this industry faces is equivalent to the number of attacks of the digital banking and online retail industries. Therefore, the implementation of end-to-end security solutions, including bot management and web application protection, is as important as delivering high-quality content.

In the event of content being pirated, both the producer and the distributor’s revenue will be affected as the copyright buyer will no longer be willing to pay for the content that is no longer exclusive. . In addition to piracy, crooks can also steal users’ login information, and use it to crack into their other devices.

“Good customer experience starts with making them feel safe on the platform they use, followed by satisfying users to a higher level: appreciated, personalized, and experienced. satisfaction with the services they choose. WARC statistics show that the demand for Internet and digital content services has increased by four times in the past two years because of Covid-19.” – Mr. Dao Viet Hung – Representative of Akamai Technologies Vietnam shared.

According to Mr. Hung, businesses should apply a large enough content delivery network (CDN), combined with a video quality and performance measurement system, and appropriate information security solutions to prevent problems. Geo-piracy through an advanced system will help businesses avoid the risk of copyright theft, and help prevent the wrong way of blocking legitimate traffic based on data from third parties. .

“Previously CDN only solved the problem of congestion, now it also solves the security problem. We can withstand DDoS attacks up to 10 Tb/s. As a result, Akamai is also a leader in cloud security. According to Gartner’s assessment in 2021, Akamai’s WAAP solution is considered a leader in the market,” shared Mr. Hung.

Akamai Technologies is known as one of the world’s largest providers of Content Delivery Network (CDN) and cloud computing services. Akamai’s intelligent edge platform covers everywhere, from the enterprise platform to the Cloud infrastructure, ensuring fast, intelligent and secure service delivery to customers and businesses. Karma. Many of the world’s leading brands still rely on Akamai’s services, flexible multi-cloud solutions to gain a competitive edge in the market.

Akamai gives users good choices, apps and experiences, and protects them from threats and cyberattacks. Akamai’s product ecosystem includes edge security, performance-enhancing solutions for websites, online applications, enterprise data access solutions, and video delivery solutions, and backed by superior customer care, along with 24/7/365 monitoring and analysis services.

In Vietnam, Viettel IDC is Akamai’s leading partner in the Vietnamese market, working with Akamai to bring products specifically for businesses in the digital transformation era.

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