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One out of five Americans confesses to death of a family or friend due to Kovid-19, survey reveals

Nearly one in five Americans say that they have lost either a relative or a close friend to the Corona virus. A new survey by the Associated Press and NORC Center for Public Research has been revealed. According to the report, 19 percent of American adults said that one of their loved ones died from Kovid-19.

One in five American relatives or friends died of corona

Black and Hispanic American people reported twice more deaths of whites than a member of a family or a friend during an epidemic. Compared to 15 percent of Caucasians, 30 percent of African-Americans and 29 percent of Latino reported that they had lost someone. Further, 24 percent of people earning less than 30 thousand annually say that a loved one has died from Kovid-19. The survey shows that many people are still in mourning and are expressing disappointment over the ongoing struggle to stay safe. The survey also revealed that the fear among US citizens of being infected with Kovid-19 has reduced in recent months.

The survey also revealed apartheid in the vaccination campaign

Nearly three out of 10 people surveyed were very worried about themselves or family members getting infected by the virus. That is, in recent months, the figure has come down to about four out of 10. However, 67 per cent of the majority of the American people expressed concern. The survey also revealed apartheid on the ongoing Kovid-19 vaccination campaign against Corona virus. 16 percent of black Americans and 15 percent of Hispanic Americans say that they have taken at least one dose, in contrast, 26 percent of those who have been dosed are white people.

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