One million nutritional products support the front line against the epidemic

Over the past two months, one million Värna medical nutrition products have reached more than 250 hospitals across the country, supporting more than 35,000 medical staff and tens of thousands of Covid-19 patients.

A series of activities to donate Värna medical nutrition products with a total value of 32 billion VND in the journey “Support frontline doctors, repel the Covid-19 epidemic”. The program was launched by the Nutrition Institute of Ho Chi Minh City in mid-August – right at the peak of the outbreak, with the companionship of Nutifood Sweden and sponsors, of which Nutifood sponsored 50%.

The program “Supporting frontline doctors, repelling the Covid-19 epidemic” presented Värna medical nutrition products to doctors and patients at Military Hospital 175. Ho Chi Minh City in August 2021. Photo: Nutifood

Four months of outbreaks in Ho Chi Minh City and southern provinces show that, in addition to treatment efforts, nutrition is an important foundation to help provide energy for the front lines to fight the epidemic and contribute to the recovery of people. sick. The nCoV virus can “drain” the patient’s energy, so nutrition becomes an urgent problem to support the recovery process and quickly conquer the disease.

Nutritional products that provide high energy, while ensuring convenience is the first priority solution. “Every day, the patient needs an average of about 2000 Kcal. When the patient does not eat and drink enough of this need, it should be supplemented with high-energy milk. Patients with underlying medical conditions need to be supplemented with high-energy milk for especially for people with diabetes to limit complications, while still ensuring their daily nutritional needs,” shared Dr. Le Thi Thu Ha, head of the Department of Nutrition, 175 Military Hospital.

Doctor Tran Thanh Hai, Department of Nutrition, Thong Nhat General Hospital, Dong Nai said that the use of more energy-rich support products such as milk will give patients an extremely high chance of recovering from the disease. “The reality is that, at our hospital, the harmonious combination of treatment and proper nutrition, including milk supplementation, has helped many patients overcome extremely difficult times, bringing good health and safety to many patients. positive treatment effect”, shared Dr. Hai.

With the FRP (Fast Recovery and Prevention) formula researched at the Swedish Nutifood Nutrition Research Institute – NNRIS, Värna Complete has a high energy source of 1 kcal. /ml, supplementing with high quality protein, 29 essential vitamins and minerals and 60% fat components MUFA, PUFA, MCT, helping patients recover quickly and shorten treatment time.

In addition, Värna also has a specialized line of Värna Diabetes products for people with diabetes, pre-diabetes and gestational diabetes. Värna Diabetes has a low glycemic index of 26.9 with Isomaltulose, FOS / Inulin fiber that contributes to effective blood sugar stabilization, and provides 28 additional vitamins and minerals, preventing complications, dual action 2 the disease brings.

Supporting frontline doctors, repelling the Covid-19 epidemic, brought Värna medical nutrition products to give to doctors and patients at Binh Duong Field Hospital (PLEASE TIME) )

The program “Support frontline doctors, repel the Covid-19 epidemic” brings Värna medical nutrition products to give to doctors and patients at Binh Duong Field Hospital in September 2021. Photo: Nutifood

Not only taking care of patients, nutrition for doctors and nurses is also a top priority when they have to work with high intensity, while meals are rushed and inadequate. Frontline medical staff also need a source of high-quality nutrients to help fuel quickly, add energy between shifts.

According to hospital leaders, Värna products from Nutifood Sweden are a practical and timely gift, contributing to improving treatment efficiency, relieving pressure, and at the same time giving strength to the medical team. The doctor agrees with the patient to overcome the disease.

Doctor Mai Thanh Viet, Deputy General Director of Nutifood Company said: “Värna nutrition products to support the frontline selected by Nutifood not only ensure nutrition and energy supply, but also have to be convenient to use and easy to use. preserved, suitable for the actual working conditions of doctors and patients. We feel very happy that we have contributed a little bit of strength to the journey into the ‘new normal’ ‘ firmer than this.”

One million nutritional products support the front line against the epidemic

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