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On Twitch, Samuel Étienne invites to read the press

VDo you come to read the papers and talk about life with me? “ Almost every day since December 2020, journalist Samuel Étienne has sent a message on Twitter to invite his community (286,000 subscribers) to participate in his show “La matinée est tienne” on Twitch, a platform (acquired in 2014 by Amazon) distribution of videos originally dedicated to video games and popular with 15-35 year olds. At the given hour, fans flocked, greeting with benevolent and accomplice messages, visible to the right of the video, the 49-year-old journalist, always affable, talkative and willingly facetious.

→ EXPLANATION. Expanding the field of journalism on Twitch

The ritual is immutable. In front of the window of his apartment, thermos of coffee close at hand, Samuel Étienne tells about his daily life, jokes, takes news from his community, before presenting the front pages of the national press, then regional, on which he will return by reading large excerpts, presenting titles and generating debate. Over 15,000 “Viewers” (viewers) watch it live (and more than five times more offline), interacting about it or responding to its polls on current events or the relationship to information.

Most watched show in France in the morning

In a few weeks, Samuel Étienne’s show has become the most watched in France in the morning. The beginning of the adventure dates back to the confinement of spring 2020, when the young videographer Étoiles contacted him to participate in a “Culture night” around “Questions for a champion”, then at the charity marathon Z Event 2020. Enthused by the spirit and the interaction of Twitch, the journalist launched his own channel on December 18, 2020, without a logo, to share his “passion”: the written press.

“Samuel Étienne arrived with humility and by seeking to understand the codes of the environment, notes Matthieu, a student, on Twitch for five years. Its press review shows us the great diversity of the traditional press. It also creates an interesting convergence between new and traditional media. ” The success of “The morning is yours” “Shows how bridges can be stretched between the two worlds, at the cost of a unique approach to understanding and appropriating the platform “, analyze researchers from the Swiss University of Neufchâtel Vincent Carlino and Marie Rumignani, on the website of the European Journalism Observatory. It is also part of“A form of media education” according to them.

→ VIDEO. How do young people get information?

Some thematic programs on the health crisis or student discomfort with a guest have reached audience records. On March 3, Samuel Étienne, accompanied by journalist Élise Lucet, invited his community to discuss the content of the program of March 18 on France 2 which will be devoted to the situation of young people. An initiative appreciated by viewers who, conversely, do not welcome the arrival of many media (BFMTV, TF1, Arte, etc.) on Twitch. “If someone from television comes respecting your codes and values, why not! In the end, it is you who will decide ”, tried to reassure them Samuel Étienne.


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