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On the India-China border dispute, the United Nations said- we hope that tension will come down through negotiations

In the recent clash between the soldiers of India and China on the border of Sikkim, UN Secretary-General Antonio Gutareras expressed the hope that the tension between the two countries will be reduced through dialogue. A spokesperson gave this information. Explain that there was a clash between India and Chinese soldiers in the high-altitude Naku sector of North Sikkim on 20 January. The Indian Army described it as a “minor tension”. The Indian Army said in a statement that it was resolved by the local commanders under the laid down guidelines.

“We hope that the ongoing tension on the border will be reduced through dialogue,” UN chief spokesman Stephen Dujarric said at a daily press conference on Monday. Duzarik was asked whether the “India-China border” The UN Secretary or Secretary-General would like to comment on the recent clash.

There was a minor clash between the soldiers of both countries

According to the official statement of the Indian Army, there was a minor skirmish between the soldiers of the two countries 5 days ago on 20 January which was resolved at the local level between the commanders of the two countries. This is the same place in Nakula sector where there was a clash between the armies of the two countries on the 9th of May last month. Meanwhile, on the Nakula clash, it has been said from the Global Times that there has been no clash. He says that the injuries to Chinese soldiers are also wrong.

Violent clashes in both countries on 15 June 2020

Earlier on 15 June 2020, there was a violent skirmish between the soldiers of India and China in the Galvan Valley, in which 20 soldiers of India were martyred. At the same time, China had not released any figures of casualties of its soldiers. On 14 June, the Chinese Army re-camped on LAC. Colonel Santosh Babu went to the enemy army camp with 40 soldiers to object to this. Among the martyred soldiers, 12 jawans, including Commanding Officer Colonel B Santosh Babu, were from 16 Bihar Regiment.

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