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On the first anniversary of George Floyd, the city kept a few moments of silence, rallies were held in Spain and Denmark

Minneapolis: On the first anniversary of the killing of black George Floyd by a police officer in Minneapolis, people kept a few moments of silence in the city, and at the intersection at which the incident took place, people held a fair on Tuesday in memory of Floyd. Floyd’s sister Brigitte and other family members, along with Mayor Jacob Frey, others, local residents and activists kept silence in a park at one o’clock in the afternoon.

Democratic Governor Tim Walge set an afternoon for silence and said that Floyd would get the right justice only when this organized racism ends. During this time, Brigitte told the people, “It was a very long year of bothering.” He said, “But we cut it. People say that if the above is with you then anything is possible and I believe in this form of God. Today everyone is getting love. Love is also here and George is also here.

A moment of silence was also observed in New York and a rally was held in honor of Floyd in Los Angeles. Rallies were also held in Spain and Denmark. A fair was held on Tuesday at the intersection at which Floyd died. During this time, from the food and drinking system to the children’s sports and entertainment was arranged.

Rapper Noor-D tweeted, “We will celebrate mourning by dancing.” He said, “We will celebrate our courage of 365 days in times of injustice.”

It is worth noting that after the arrest of 46-year-old Black Floyd on the ground in 2020, the then police officer Derek Chauvin stabbed his neck with a knee for about nine-ten minutes, which led to his death. Derek has been convicted of murder in this case and the court is scheduled to pronounce the sentence on 25 June. At the same time, the other three accused former officers are still under trial.

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